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        Shandong Binzhou Printing&Dyeing Group Co.,Ltd(in short BPD) is a state-owned enterprise with 46 years history, was originally established in 1976 as the state-owned enterprise BEIZHEN PRINTING & DYEING CO.,LTD, it is the first printing and dyeing industry in binzhou city.It located in Binzhou City, Shandong Province,with registered fund of RMB 130 million. Taking the possession of a complete production chain from cotton procurement and processing, spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing, cutting and sewing to packaging, BPD made a significant contribution to the Dying and Printing industry of Binzhou. Whats more, having a broad prospect, BPD is developing fast and multiplex with Exp&Imp Trading, Investing&Financing, Supermarket Chain, Bonded Logistic Warehouse, Property Management and Carton&Label Production.

        In 1999, BPD created HUAFANG Co., LTD, and it successfully listed on the Shanghai stock exchange.become the third public company in binzhou city , HUAFANG Co., LTD total assets of more than RMB 3.5 billion ;2004,BPD set all the manpower and material resources, financial resources, to build YUYUE HOME TEXTILE CO.,LTD, now YUYUE HOME TEXTILE CO.,LTD annual sales revenue of RMB 5 billion.

        BPD always adhere to the "strict and careful real constant, democratic unity, competition development, advance planning" of the enterprise policy, following the domestic and international dual cycle development trend of new forms, with "specialization, marketization, standardization" as the strategic target, focusing on its main business, hard working ,reformation and innovation.It has formed a new development model where international trade and financial investment and trademark printing are main business.

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